Is your marketing content effective enough?

Or should we say, why you can’t sell as you expected? 

Many companies started using tablets in terms of leveraging their marketing materials to their customers by the help of their sales teams, under the name of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. But how do you know if your marketing material is good enough? You might need to check couple metrics about this to answer:

1- Are your sales teams actually sharing/showing the content to your customers?

2- Are the customers really interested in the content that they are showing?

3- Do the customers have a problem with your pricing or the product itself or both?

Well, guessing these answers sounds like a blind-date unless you use such SALES ENABLEMENT/CLOSED-LOOP MARKETING tools. Without these answers, it may not be right to blame either your sales or marketing teams with less sell. 

Maybe it’s the time to adopt new technologies and SELL more, what do you think?

Will digital sales platforms replace 100% with classical sales methods?

The short answer is, no. Here are a couple of reasons:

1- Most people (both customers and salespeople) still believe that the best sales method is face-to-face interactions and human-based trust

2- People start getting bored with the digital world. Touching their feelings will make an impact

3- Still in some countries, especially in MENA region, it’s considered as rude to look at your tablets, phones during the talk

So, how can you use digital sales tools?

The answer is simple: somewhere between. Just try to use these systems during sales meetings but only for SUPPORTING your sales activities; like showing interesting slides, interactive content, some benefit calculation scenarios to prove that you are not just a sales rep but an EXPERT.

3 tips on how to use Sales Enablement platforms

1- Customer is still the king. Be sure that you have ALL your customer data in your CRM + Sales Enablement platform for your sales team’s to use. And please track, if all their data is up to date.

2- Your marketing content will tell you if your customer is interested in your product, or not. Still, most companies don’t know if their customer has some problems with the PRODUCT or the PRICING? Here is a good chance to focus on.

3- Meeting notes, visit details will tell you what’s going on in the field. Be sure to explain your sales teams that these activities are ONLY for them to improve their sales skills and customer relationships.
Lastly, align with the upper management team, again, please:) The more people involved, the more support you’ll get.

Sales Enablement – 101

Ever think that your sales enablement will rule the world from day 1? Well, consider these challenges before you start:

1-Sales teams are most critical ones. Are they willing to use your sales enablement strategies? If not, please try fixing their problems first
2-Have great marketing materials to support your sales activities? Well, you should consider to support your sales team with the best content
3-Ready to analyze the field activities and get reports from them? Might get ready for using mobile sales technologies (CRM, Mobile Sales Enablement Platforms)
4-Got support from your upper management team? Bear in mind that, there might be a challenge to implement new strategies, always best to have CEO’s hand on that

Importance of Offline Sales Enablement

What happens if your Sales Enablement platform does NOT support offline capabilities?

1- Field/salespeople should be supported 100% of a time. Imagine, you are at a hospital or at the field without an internet connection. Are you gonna be OK to stop all your sales activities?
2- Does your CRM systems support full offline capability? Yet, most of them not. This might again stop your sales activities. No customer data, no sales information. Welcome to old times.
3- Visit planning and reporting parts might be a huge challenge for your teams.

And guess what happens at the end? Your sales teams will start complaining about how your “Sales Enablement” platform fails, and they refuse to use these systems.

Solution? An integrated (with your major platforms like CRM, ERP), 100% offline Sales Enablement Platform might help you solve these real-life problems.


Best ways to get insight from your sales teams

1- Teach&show them that asking customer update is NOT to track them but to help them close their sales
2- Be close to them, try to make at least weekly meetings about the pipeline
3- Try gamification, for sure will make them smile
4- Help them use CRM and Sales Enablement tools that can make their lives easier

And finally, we are all humans, try to be friends with everyone; your sales teams, managers, and most important – your customers.

Why salespeople don’t like taking meeting notes?

Be honest, who would? It’s even harder and harder to get prospect meetings each day. More to that, almost 80% of sales reps take their meeting notes either at the end of the day or just before their team meetings. Besides sales being a tough work, taking notes might take time up to 2 hours per day, which becomes a nightmare.

To make it easier, companies should consider:

1- Making salespeople able to take notes with multi-select questionnaires; easy to enter data, easy to analyze
2- Reflecting and promoting this as a sales activity (prospecting right customer and for customer segmentation)
3- Using sales enablement systems to automate it

By these, your sales rep’s will gain time and you will have more accurate customer data&meeting notes.

How to do the sales enablement in 5 steps

1- Find the field people’s exact pain points and needs (please talk to salespeople and ask their needs)
2- Invest in most suitable marketing&sales teams for your process
3- Equip your sales force with right technology (CRM, internet portals or mobile apps)
4- Do a test run (field people resist for almost 80% of the projects, always good to consider their thoughts)
5- Plan, make field users use, analyze, change the strategy and start over again