Importance of Offline Sales Enablement

What happens if your Sales Enablement platform does NOT support offline capabilities?

1- Field/salespeople should be supported 100% of a time. Imagine, you are at a hospital or at the field without an internet connection. Are you gonna be OK to stop all your sales activities?
2- Does your CRM systems support full offline capability? Yet, most of them not. This might again stop your sales activities. No customer data, no sales information. Welcome to old times.
3- Visit planning and reporting parts might be a huge challenge for your teams.

And guess what happens at the end? Your sales teams will start complaining about how your “Sales Enablement” platform fails, and they refuse to use these systems.

Solution? An integrated (with your major platforms like CRM, ERP), 100% offline Sales Enablement Platform might help you solve these real-life problems.


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