Is your marketing content effective enough?

Or should we say, why you can’t sell as you expected? 

Many companies started using tablets in terms of leveraging their marketing materials to their customers by the help of their sales teams, under the name of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. But how do you know if your marketing material is good enough? You might need to check couple metrics about this to answer:

1- Are your sales teams actually sharing/showing the content to your customers?

2- Are the customers really interested in the content that they are showing?

3- Do the customers have a problem with your pricing or the product itself or both?

Well, guessing these answers sounds like a blind-date unless you use such SALES ENABLEMENT/CLOSED-LOOP MARKETING tools. Without these answers, it may not be right to blame either your sales or marketing teams with less sell. 

Maybe it’s the time to adopt new technologies and SELL more, what do you think?

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